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Reviewing the EVDO bump case for the LS800#

When I first posted about the release of the new EVDO bump case for the LS800, Suzanne McClure from Elegant Packaging offered to send me one to review.  Naturally I jumped at the opportunity. 

The case came via Motion Computing's Australian office - so it took a while to get here, but it arrived this morning.

For evaluation I have borrowed a MiniMax USB EVDO modem, which is distributed by Telecom (my employer) here in New Zealand.

The case is an updated version of the standard bump case (which I also own so I have something to compare it to) that includes an elastic loop on the front and internal cable routing to support a USB EVDO modem.  Pictured below is the case with both the LS800 and the MiniMax fitted.

The elastic loop and the moulded padding around the modem hold the modem snugly in place.  It is certainly not going to dislodge easily.  Close up of the EVDO modem.

In fron of the elastic loop is a nylon flap that velcros down to secure any excess USB cable.  This flap also covers the slot that lets you take the cabling inside the case.

The cable can then be routed out the top left corner of the case for a straight drop down to the USB port.  This could be tidied up further by using a USB cable that has a right angle connector on this end of the cable, but I did not have one available.

This case shipped with an adjustable shoulder strap that attaches to two D-rings on either side of the carry handle.  Attaching the strap gives you perhaps one of the geekiest geek bags one can have :)

Like the original bump case the EVDO version includes an integrated wire stand that can be set at a fairly wide range of angles by adjusting a velcro strap.  The same velcro strap can be cinched tight to keep the stand tucked in place when it is not required.

Another nice improvment of the EVDO bump case over the original is that it will fit the LS800 with either the standard or extended battery fitted.  To be fair the extended battery didn't exist when I got my first bump case so I can't fault the old version too much.  This is achieved with the help of a removable insert that attaches to the inside of the top flap of the case via velcro.  The insert is simply removed when the LS800 is used with the extended battery.

Over all the case looks very well constructed.  My other case has held up very well over time and I have every reason to expect this one to do the same.  Like the original the EVDO case is well designed and provides complete access to almost all of the ports, buttons and inputs on the device.  My one compaint here is that one of the USB ports is covered and one is not.  I would prefer to have both ports uncovered as it would save me having to use a USB hub if I wanted to setup my mobile desktop and use both my BenQ mouse and the EVDO modem.

Finally, I have heard from a colleague that he recieved a case where the wire poked out of the piping on the edge of the case.  There is no evidence of that with the unit I recieved.  I suggested that he return the case and ask for a new one.  Based on my one I would think that his one was an annomolly.

Full disclosure - I do not have to return the case.  I use an LS800 as one of my main PCs so I will be keeping it.

Monday, January 29, 2007 5:58:17 PM (AUS Eastern Standard Time, UTC+10:00) #   
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