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Sharing my thoughts on the demise of the TC1100 with HP#

I was at the annual conference of the Association for Local Government Information Management (ALGIM) earlier this week.  Gen-i had a couple of stands there and I was occupying space on one with a couple of Tablet PCs and a virtual keyboard.  I talked to many a potential customer – more on that later – and I also had a golden opportunity to have a crack at HP for discontinuing the TC1100.

I had just finished setting up when a couple of guys from HP (who I know pretty well) walked by. 

“Why haven’t you got an HP tablet on your stand” joked one.

Well he did ask – so I gave it to him.  Both barrels.

I said “You guys had a tablet that is widely acknowledged to be one of the best designs in the market.  It is so good that it has a veritable cult following among some users.  The form factor has been around since ’92 and it is still considered to be one of the very best.

“And what do you do?  You retire it in favour of yet another “Me To” convertible [YAMTC?] with little to distinguish it.”

Then I asked, “I have on my stand the smallest and lightest slate on the market” (The LS800) “and a ruggedized convertible with an internal EVDO module.  These are interesting, innovative devices.  Why on earth would I want to put another boring convertible on the stand?”

At this they retreated sheepishly.

Later on I wandered past their stand and I couldn’t resist another jibe.  Check out  this photo of their stand.

I had to say it…  I pointed at the picture on the backing of their stand.  “That’s a cool tablet – where do I get one like that?”

They did have a 4200 off to the side...  Don't get me wrong - the 4200 is a capable tablet.  It just is nothing to the 1100.

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