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Presentation Mode in Windows Vista#

Previously I blogged about the new Mobility Centre in Windows Vista. While many of the utilities available in the Mobility Centre are new versions of familiar tools there are a couple of new things that are pretty cool.

One of the coolest in my opinion is Presentation Mode. This can be toggled on or off bin the Mobility Centre. Pres1.gif

By clicking the picture of the projector you can configure how presentation mode behaves. This will launch the dialog shown below.



As you can see entering presentation mode will prevent the computer from going into standby and turns of system notifications – which means no embarrassing Windows Live Messenger pop-ups.

Optionally you can disable the screensaver, set the audio volume and turn off or change the wallpaper. This means you can have your cool wallpaper most of the time and use something more professional for those client facing presentations.

Another cool trick is hidden away. Clicking on the “Connected Displays” button will show you the currently connected displays. Most recent displays will uniquely identity themselves. If you use the same projector frequently you can remember it. If the checkbox is ticked for a particular projector then as soon as you connect the display Presentation Mode will be enabled automatically. Very handy! Naturally as soon as you disconnect the projector or disable presentation mode your previous settings are restored instantly.


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