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An EVDO solution for the LS800#

One of the frequently mentioned limitations of the petit LS800 from Motion Computing is that without a PCMCIA slot you can’t use an EVDO card for connectivity on the go.  While I continue to hope that EVDO will be embedded in mobile computers in the near future I was looking for a solution for these devices today.  Enter the GTran Wireless DotSurfer 6210 dual band CDMA/EVDO card.


In addition to being a fully functional PCMCIA card in it’s own right the 6210 is something else.  On one end of the DotSurfer card is a standard PCMCIA interface.  On the other end is an antenna and a rubber cap that covers an interface for a USB cable. 


This allows you to connect the DotSurfer 6210 card to any computer with a USB port and surf at EVDO speeds wherever there is coverage.  This is an excellent solution for the LS800.

The picture below shows the DotSurfer card connected to the LS800. 


If you are looking for a more portable solution then you can tuck the card and the excess cable behind the strap on the bump case as shown below. 


The DotSurfer 6210 is available through Telecom in New Zealand.  A great option if you need EVDO on a device without a PC Card slot.

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